With its developed features and mostly-accurate translation, Babylon stands above some of the competition. Babylon has a large list of languages that beats out any other translation software tested and has an equally large list of features. Only errors in translation and pronunciation kept this product from making it to the top three spots.


As far as effectiveness goes, Babylon is better than some software programs, but not quite as good as the top translators. When translating with Babylon we found that it had problems with certain words. For example, Babylon cannot translate the English word “hat” into its German counterpart. It also has the tendency to translate the same word different ways within a paragraph (this can be seen in the Babylon section of the test results article). To see the test results or to find out how the tests were conducted, look at the articles 'Test Format' and 'Translation Software Test Results'.


Babylon packs all its features into a small window that doesn’t block your view of other windows. This small size is essential because Babylon is designed to translate as you work without disrupting you.

Babylon doesn’t skimp on the important features and integrates well with other programs. One of the most useful features of this translation software is the ability to immediately translate any word by using the @ a click feature. To do this all you have to do is press Control and right-click on any word and Babylon will automatically look up the word in its dictionaries and offer several different sources for additional information. If you need to translate more than one word, you simply highlight the text before pressing Control and right-clicking. You can also copy and paste text directly into Babylon, if you wish.

The Babylon dictionaries are very thorough, and Babylon can automatically identify the source language and choose the dictionaries accordingly. This can prove to be problematic at times when one word matched two languages as you do not have the ability to change the source language. Babylon also offers integrated spell check and text-to-speech capabilities so you can make sure your own translations are accurate.

Pronunciations are available for every language. If you click on the audio icon next to the word, you will hear a pronunciation. However, the pronunciations from Babylon were incorrect in every language tested with the exception for English.

The only problem with having so many features is the fact that once it is installed, Babylon seems to take over your computer. Babylon will become your homepage, a green dot will appear forevermore in the middle of your screen and we also found problems with downloading other software programs. Once Babylon was erased from the computer, there were no further problems.

Ease of Use:

Babylon is a fairly simple program to use with a tutorial at the beginning of the download explaining how to use some of the features. It remains a small window, out of the way until you Control+Right-Click on some text. Then Babylon swings into action, translates, looks up definitions and offers other resources automatically. Babylon's smooth integration makes it the perfect tool to use with other programs.

Available Languages:

One thing that sets Babylon apart from its competition is the large language selection. The manufacturer has dictionaries and translation for more different languages than any other program. While some other translation software only comes with one language, Babylon comes with translation capabilities in 17 languages, with dictionaries that were developed specifically for Babylon. Some of the most commonly-used languages in Babylon are Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Supported Formats/Files:

One of the best parts of Babylon is its ability to pull text from so many different files and translate it. Babylon can handle translations from Word, Excel, PDF and RTF files, and it can also translate anything in email, instant messaging or internet browsers. Basically, Babylon can translate text from any of the programs you use on a daily basis.

Be aware that even though Babylon can translate text from any of these file formats, you still must copy and paste the text into the Babylon interface. It doesn't translate entire documents. But you needn't worry about saving your work in a specific file type before copying and pasting because Babylon can handle text code from just about any application you can think of.


Babylon comes with some great support options. There are user guides and FAQs to answer questions or help you learn how to use all the features in Babylon. You can also contact the manufacturer through email if you need more help.


Babylon truly is an advanced translation application with great features and fairly accurate results. There are some problems such as the tendency to take over your computer and leave words out of your translation, but overall, Babylon is trustworthy and can get the job done.

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Babylon 8

Publisher: Babylon Ltd.

Version: 8

Pros: Babylon has plenty of convenient features which make translating easy.

Cons: The Babylon software integrates into all aspects of your computer.

The Verdict: Babylon is more useful for personal applications than business ones.



Ranked #5 of 9 in Translation Software . See the side-by-side comparisons.

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