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Power Translator Premium by LEC is a highly useful and well-designed translation software that skyrocketed to the top because of its top of the line features and translation accuracy. If Translator did have any translation problems they were minimal and hardly made a difference at all. When the problems occurred they were things such as getting the words little and small, or bad and evil mixed up.

Power Translator is a leader in usability and offers useful ways to integrate into network media. The ability to translate emails, instant messaging conversations and web pages makes Power Translator a good choice for a business environment.

Power Translator Premium is similar to Translate; both are manufactured by LEC, an industry leader. There are three main differences in the translation software packages: price, service level and online subscriptions. Power Translator comes with premium services and includes a 12-month subscription to Translate DotNet and Translate ToGo. The online subscription service allows you to access more languages and translation tools and once your initial subscription is expired, you can re-subscribe for a discounted price.


Power Translator Premium was the most effective translation software tested, with its accurate spelling, grammar and pronunciation it easily soared straight to the top. Power Translator has a knowledgeable interface of languages and can translate even the different grammar styles to various languages.

When most other translators could not accurately translate words that are spelled the same in different languages, but have the same meaning, Power Translator had no problems with this. In fact, the only problem we did encounter was when we translated from a foreign language into English it sometimes had slight difficulties with word order, but the sentence was still understandable and you could easily get your point across.

Despite this, Power Translator still performed well and would be useful in any translating situation. To see just how Power Translator was tested and graded, look at the articles 'Test Format' and 'Translation Software Test Results'.


Power Translator Premium is divided into seven different interfaces: LEC MirrorTrans, LEC TransIt, LEC ClipTrans, LEC LogoTrans, FileTrans and 1WorldChat and you can access any of the modules through the LEC Power Translator interface. Each interface has tools that are effective for different applications.

LogoTrans specializes in translating small amounts of text. ClipTrans automatically translates anything copied to Microsoft’s clipboard. This works well for translating emails and other documents. MirrorTrans translates as you work in another window. You could type a letter in Word and the translated version appears in the MirrorTrans window as you type. And TransIt specializes in translating instant messages and chats. The suite also includes one–year subscriptions to Translate DotNet and TranslateToGo. This LEC web-based translation engine will give you the ability to translate to and from many languages.

FileTrans includes OCR, which is technology that can recognize and translate digital camera images, PDFs and scanned documents in one step.  It can also translate text only document types, such as XML, ODF, RTF, HTML and Microsoft Word.  PowerTranslatorChat gives users the ability to chat with people around the world without having to worry about any sort of language barrier.

One of our favorite features was a program that gives you the option to convert speech to text, or text to speech. The text to speech feature provided by Power Translator is the most accurate over all the translation software packages we have tested. Where some text to speech programs had pronunciation only for English, Power Translator uses correct pronunciation for all tested languages (German, Italian, Russian, English, Portuguese, French and Spanish). The voice used for the text to speech feature is computer animated, but is understandable and has a high quality that makes you continue to use it over and over again. The program comes with the ability to integrate with Microsoft's Speech-To-Text.

Another high quality feature provided by Power Translator is called hover translation. When you have any text open, whether it be in Microsoft Word or on the internet, you can place you cursor over a word or sentence and get an immediate translation.

There are three different ways to use the hover translation feature. You can either do a word translation, sentence translation or a selected block translation. The hover type can be determined by right clicking on the hover icon and selecting the operation you want.

Ease of Use:

The software is simple to use and can be easily done by any user. Little icons symbolize each feature and can be activated by simply clicking on one of them. If you do have problems getting one of the features working, the software comes with a booklet which explains the features and how to operate them.

Available Languages:

Power Translator Premium comes with a wide variety of language pairs, including such languages as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Unfortunately, not all of these languages come on the disc. The only languages on the disk are German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and, of course, English. This is fine if you know you will only need to translate from one specific language, but it doesn’t offer as much for your money as some other translation programs. To get more languages you can download them using one of the subscriptions that come with your product.

Supported Formats/Files:

Power Translator works well with Microsoft Word’s clipboard program as well as with web browsers and email. For any programs that Power Translator won’t directly integrate with, you still have the option of copying and pasting text directly into the Power Translator translation engine and receiving results.


Power Translator comes with a support manual where you will usually be able to find most of your questions. If, however, you can’t find the answers you need in the booklet, LEC provides a support page where you can look at an extensive list of FAQs, view help files, receive general technical support and even watch a Flash demonstration of your product.

There is also a contact page where you can send an email to LEC where it claims to usually respond within a 24 hour period. There is also a phone number to call with sales inquiries, but it cannot be used for technical support.


Power Translator Premium is top notch software with an accuracy to please even the most advanced language users. Whether you are using it for business or personal use, Power Translator Premium is the best of the best when it comes to translation software.

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Power Translator Premium 14

Publisher: LEC

Version: Premium 14

Pros: Translations are more accurate than other translation software programs.

Cons: Only seven languages are available on the CD-ROM.

The Verdict: Power Translation Premium is one of the most accurate programs and will not leave you disappointed.



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